Russian scientists have actually successfully produced an innovation that can modify the protons of an atom and transform the atom itself, making one element from one more. The innovation was announced in Geneva, Switzerland by the Swiss Press Club and can be watched on their website.


Ladies as well as gents, today, below in Geneva, we are making public a discovery on the technology, which, with no exaggeration, could be defined as historical importance. Now, the significance of this exploration as well as the innovation, comes down to the development of commercial approaches for the improvement of chemical elements right into various other elements and their isotopes. Exactly what we need to reveal you today is a transmutation with no atomic power plants, without heavy water or anything of the kind to get transmutation of components.

Our technique with transmutation of chemical components is biochemical in nature. It is still too very early to completely comprehend the financial and civilization importance of this growth of this innovation. It would certainly not be an overestimation to claim that this discovery is a veritable transformation which is going to open a new chapter in the technological procedure. Unlikely as it could sound, this is a fact. The architects for this exploration and modern technology are leading Russian drug stores Mrs. Tamara Sakhno as well as Mr. Victor Kurashov. These are theoretically and also speculative researchers that depend on the shoulders of an empire of scientists that have been crucial in discovering this approach for the change of chemical components.

Mankind, represented by the writers, has discovered this approach for the transmutation of issue, which is likely to transform the face these days’s world, probably as deeply as it was changed by the use of electrical power, maybe even much deeper.’

Though this statement silently occurred in June of 2016, the dirt is still should clear up before we perhaps recognize the prospective size of this exploration. What must be kept in mind is that despite the fact that this happened regarding 7 months earlier, yet hasn’t already been announced on a mass scale, it doesn’t indicate that this isn’t genuine or significant. If this discovery is undoubtedly genuine, it would certainly still make total sense that numerous points would require to be talked about and taken into location for this kind of modern technology to be freely launched to the world.

Many conversations and plans would certainly should be examined to make sure that this was done in a method that makes the least quantity of disruption to our everyday life. As specified in the statement above, the economic and also social ramifications have yet to be fully understood.

Though I as well as lots of others would certainly like this to just merely be ‘launched to the world,’ it is most likely that several circumstances are being laid out and disputed for this to be appropriately done.

We have to then likewise take into mind the existing geopolitical occasions that are playing out in our world that are based upon acquiring even more power and control. It is outside the extent of this article, it has to nonetheless be acknowledged that national politics is virtually definitely playing a duty in this complex circumstance. Could this be one reason the United States and much of Europe condemns Russia so a lot? Could component of it be that Russia possibly has the technology to change our globe and also remove us from oil as well as gas dependence for power use?

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Remember as well though that the United States likewise has free energy technology, yet has actually chosen not to release it.

Dr. Brian O’Leary, Ph.D, researcher, writer, Princeton/Cornell physics professor, as well as former NASA astronaut once claimed concerning totally free power modern technology:

” If the new energy innovations were to be established cost-free worldwide, the modification would certainly be extensive, it would certainly influence everyone, it would be relevant almost everywhere. These innovations are definitely the most crucial point that has happened in the history of the globe.”

While it remains to be seen exactly what, if anything, will certainly result this news from Russian researchers, we could all help the motion to promote the launch of this type of technology as well as other totally free power technology by educating ourselves as well as others of the fact of such innovation. Share this with others who you feel could like this article, if you desire. Search and enjoy totally free power clips as well as documentaries. Read publications like Forbidden Science, The Energy Advancement and also Quest For No Point Energy.

Because every idea and also activity creates an effect in the quantum world, the more individuals that come to be mindful and attuned to the reality of this technology, the bigger the momentum that is produced in order to help manifest this right into our world.

For those that wish to see the entire news from the Russian scientists in Geneva, see the video clip listed below: