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If you have ever before struggled over hard life decisions before, you understand it sucks.

It sucks to be resting in the anxiety of making the wrong decision, or decreasing the incorrect path, especially when your decision could impact your whole household. This is exactly what I experienced during my first maternity but luckily I obtained Spirit assistance which offered me clearness, assurance and also tranquility of heart.

Here’s my story…

It was throughout my initial pregnancy. One examination revealed our child had a high threat for down disorder. I understood the examination outcome was manipulated due to the temper I was feeling at the time of the blood test (hormones and other points). I have actually always thought that clinical tests are simply a photo of our power field at the time of the test.

But regrettably, I was not able to tremble OFF the anger in time for the actual blood test. These test results meant we had to go obtain Hereditary Therapy to assist us decide if we wished to ABORT our initial child.

I wished support and also guidance.

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My petition was answered through a deep KNOWING. A deep knowing that our boy was flawlessly healthy and balanced and absolutely nothing was incorrect.

At this point, I recognized it depended on me to take care of the thought patterns of my partner and also myself to make sure that we did NOT begin BELIEVING these test results. Or else, I recognized it can downward spiral into accepting it as reality and also perhaps manifesting it.

While Spirit provided me this recognizing that my kid was okay, my Spirit guides likewise gave me added assistance using my MOBILE PHONE. That’s right, my cell phone! I enjoy exactly how Spirit could obtain innovative aiming to hammer in some guidance.

During these weeks of waiting for the next round of tests to validate the earlier test results, I had a very old email from years prior show up in my inbox as unread. Regardless of the amount of times I noted it as read, this email from 2008 (existing year was 2011) maintained re-emerging as unread each early morning for over a month. The email was a brief email from an old flatmate I had throughout one of my Goenka 10-day quiet meditation hideaways. All she had actually composed in that e-mail was ‘ That’s what clarity of heart, mind and also spirit will get you!’

I took this as my Spirit overviews reminding that my thoughts can shift my fact and my son’s physical wellness was great unless I fluctuated in my KNOWING of this. This understanding was, certainly, coming from such a deep (as well as spiritual) place in my body and soul that my mind could never ever object to it.

I remained faithful to this understanding and also the 2nd examination showed a much lower threat for down disorder. Months later, my son was born healthy and balanced without any kind of issues.

I am so happy for Spirit guidance in my life.


You can also discover tranquility as well as clarity for all locations of your life with Spirit advice. Just adhering to the four basic steps below:

1. Take some deep breaths as well as bring your hand to your heart. This will move your understanding to your heart as well as facility you there.

2. Set a sacred purpose to get in touch with your guides. This could be done with quiet prayer hiring your Guides/Angels/God.

3. Ask for clarity in a certain location of your life.

4. Be still. Take a couple of deep breaths. Hear, see, feel or sense the response from your Spirit Guides.

As you continuously talk with your Guides and also contact them for quality, you will certainly be developing a solid partnership with your Guides as well as experience a much more serene circulation in life.