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The matrix we live in is designed to tear all hope, power, as well as special talent from your aware awareness. If you recognized, no, remembered your real Self, this undesirable fact would dissipate in a heart beat. You would certainly either find yourself living in an additional timeline, in a various Cosmos, or you would certainly be living present moment, yet under significantly various conditions. If we really are staying in a simulation, as even individuals like Elon Musk as well as Neil deGrasse Tyson attest, then that suggests we can change the computer program – our consciousness, as well as uncover our hidden gifts to genuinely fall the ‘ruling’ regime.

Elon Musk as well as Neil deGrasse Tyson are not alone. As a matter of fact, much of the world’s wealthiest and also most effective individuals are so persuaded that we reside in a simulation of the real life, that they are moneying researchers to help “break us out of it.” 

Whether you think that we are residing in a substitute reality or otherwise, or what the ancients called maya, Tyson insists that there is a 50-50 opportunity that our entire existence is a program on someone else’s hard disk drive. He suggests that the void between monkey and human DNA is only 2 percent, however in some way we typically aren’t chimps. He specifies it is a surprise that we aren’t ” drooling, blithering idiots,’ and that ” it is simple for me to think of that whatever in our lives is simply a production of a few other entity for their home entertainment.”

The theory of maya has been manipulated just as often as contemporary concepts of global reality. The word maya was initially located in the Vedanta, after that later once again in the Upanishads, as well as then used once more by the Buddhists and also Hindus. Some believe maya suggests magic or impression, others believe it indicates an ignorance of truth, as if a cloud was developed over our eyes, avoiding us from seeing deep space as it genuinely exists. Maya is not optimism or realistic look, however a basic declaration of reality in its earliest kind – that we are not just what we see around us.

If we were to take Tyson’s suggestions, we could conveniently criticize some other thing of what we’ve produced here in this globe. Exactly what if the capability to alter this computer system simulation relaxes entirely in our very own hands? What happens if we can alter this holographic Universe to display another reality? Suppose we hold the keys to do that?

The Vedantists really did not claim it was impossible, only that the mind is restricted due to the fact that it has excellent difficultly seeing past time, room, and also causation. Because no person can jump from his very own self, the restrictions that have been placed after him by the legislations of time and also area are virtually a jail – a matrix – we can claim. Every effort to solve the regulations of causation, time, and also area appear to be useless, due to the fact that the very attempt would certainly have to be made by taking for given the presence of these three.


But here is just what is taking place – individuals are beginning to see beyond time, area and causation. This has in fact been happening for ages, however the devices that free us from the matrix are currently frequently concealed, or used for manipulation rather than the promotion of freedom.

As Danny Hawley, PhD writes,

” Sri Aurobindo talks of ‘a refined modification that makes the sight see in a type of fourth measurement.’ Lama Govinda creates, ‘If we speak of the area experience in meditation we are dealing with a completely different dimension.’ He continues, ‘Vision is bound up with a room of greater dimension, and also for that reason timeless.’ He better discusses, ‘An experience of higher dimensionality is accomplished by integration of experiences of different centers and degrees of awareness. The indescribability of specific experiences of reflection on the plane of 3 dimensional awareness.’

Essentially, we have to move past 3-D awareness – time, space and origin. Sahaj Ramachandran puts it by doing this,

” The principle of hyperspace is Remarkable! Also ‘superordinary’ sensation might perhaps be discussed with Higher Dimensional physics. For example, GOD, if he would certainly ever exist, would do so in the 4rth Measurement. Even ‘Ghosts’, if real, would certainly have the ability to stroll via walls even if they would have accessibility to a greater dimension. We people live in the third measurement. There is a method to imagine things in 4D.”

Ordinary awareness is 3-dimensional. All we truly see is the surface area of things, as if we were seeing a movie in a theater. We assume we are seeing all dimensions of something in actual life, simply like when we see a movie – only when we enjoy the movie, we know that just what we are taking a look at is only representative of truth. It’s a flat display with stars playing their parts up there, yet it seems so genuine, we also laugh and cry with them.

We also create ‘time,’ which is truly the 4th measurement of fact. There is no past, present or future, yet our minds slow points down so that we could experience Allness in one ‘frame’ at once. Time, simply like area, and origin are restrictions of our mundane consciousness.

From a higher-dimensional room (past also 4-D or 5-D), we don’t see the display of our lives in the same method we do while staying in a low-consciousness reality. All things come to be plainly component of a bigger reality – an Oneness. ‘points’ come in diverse shapes, and also colors, they are all functioning toward and also from a unified field. Like space leaders ripping via ‘time’ by means of a wormhole, we could exit the matrix into an entire brand-new phenomenon.

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Hawley continues,

” From the vantage of pure awareness, all lower measurements are minimized to one, folded up to a solitary point. To comprehend just how the world of apart points might fold into a factor, visualize once again the example of the sheet of paper having actually printed on it personalities to stand for the objects of the globe. With the aid of an additional dimension beyond the aircraft of the paper, it might be crumpled or folded right into a little sphere. Even though along the surface of the paper the personalities are divided from each other, when the paper is crushed these personalities are brought close together. Analogously, the Supreme Awareness enfolds every little thing within Itself. Bragdon prices estimate from the sacred publications of Hermes Trismegistus: ‘Comprehend clearly’, states Hermes to Asclepios, ‘that this practical world is enfolded, as in a garment, by the astral globe.’

” Swami Satyananda says that consciousness is bindu, the point. Since whatever is enfolded within God to a point, to reach the highest possible consciousness we need to permeate the point. The message of the Upanishads is ‘That thou art’, the Atman factor amounts to the Brahman factor. If we could shrink our minds within the factor of our own awareness, unexpectedly all of space-time will open up for the view, and also ours will certainly be the God-consciousness.”

Musk and also Tyson are still bound by 3-d awareness, and so they can not see exactly how they can end up being the engineers of their own reality – cost-free themselves from the matrix, or become imbued with as well as engulfed by God consciousness, so that they could run whatever program they like.

We too, are held prisoner right here, in this simulated matrix until we can raise our consciousness to see that we are not only the program, but the computer, the programmer, and also the actor on the stage – simultaneously. When we boost our consciousness, we can produce, at will, whatever truth we like.