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Drugs. They’re bad, right?

Well, let me start by specifying that when I ask the question ‘is ayahuasca a drug?’ I don’t mean the literal interpretation of the word which Oxford Dictionaries specifies as ” a medication or other compound which has a physical impact when consumed or otherwise presented right into the body.”

When I pose the question ‘is ayahuasca a drug?’ I’m describing what the word evokes. For the majority of us, when we believe of the word ‘medicine’ we typically connect it with unsafe compounds like cocaine as well as heroin. To call a person a ‘medication individual’ is normally a prideful term, indicating that they are an addict or experience unfavorable effects in their lives due to drug use. From childhood we are educated ‘ Medications are poor! Don’t do drugs!’ Yet today, compounds like ayahuasca, iboga, cannabis, mushrooms, peyote, LSD and so on are still abided right into the ‘medication’ classification and we are still fed the usual publicity cautioning us all of the threats of psychedelic substances.


The whole concept of ‘is ayahuasca a medication’ concerned me after a heated conversation with a close family members buddy pertaining to the subject (to keep their anonymity I will certainly refer to them just as ‘he’). I myself am a previous drug addict, a heroin addict, dope monster, whatever you wish to call it. He would call himself a ‘recovering drug addict’, has 12 years soberness as well as is actively included in NA. He and also I have actually never been specifically close, but we touch base occasionally and I was asking yourself if he had any rate of interest in the job that I do and was additionally interested on his viewpoint of ayahuasca coming from a follower of the ‘abstinence only’ approach to recovery.

When I asked him what he believed of ayahuasca, the feedback was ‘ I take a look at it the way I see other drug like alcohol, cocaine or heroin.’ Honestly, it tossed me off. Momentarily I really did not rather understand ways to respond. Sometimes I forget that not every person has a basic understanding of the medically confirmed advantages of ayahuasca and other psychedelics. I assumed definitely I can clarify this. I could make him comprehend. I also despised the idea that a person I have actually been close to my entire life considers just what I do (as well as exactly what I credit rating for my continued soberness) as absolutely nothing greater than ‘giving drugs to people’.

So right here is the debate I utilize to defend ayahuasca and also various other psychedelics to any individual that tries to categorize them as nothing greater than ‘drugs’ – Take any compound such as alcohol, drug, heroin, amphetamines, and so on. as well as apply the usage of any one of those materials to an individuals life as well as no matter what you will always see some type of decline in the top quality of their life. Whether it is as tiny as suffering a hangover to as debilitating as winding up on the roads or behind bars – consistently there will certainly constantly be some sort of reduction in the over-all quality of life with using non-psychedelic substances.

Now, take psychedelics. Certainly psychedelics could be made use of in a manner to get ‘high’ however I am referring below to individuals that use psychedelics with a specific purpose. When you take anyone or team of people and use the responsible usage of psychedelics you will usually see some type of increase in the general high quality of life. Worst-case scenario there will be no change what-so-ever from before to after use. Just what you will virtually NEVER EVER see is any type of sort of reduction in the individuals total top quality of life.

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Yet we still associate two greatly various categories important (psychedelics and also non-psychedelics) with such rival results (one increases lifestyle, one lowers lifestyle) under the same word – ‘MEDICATIONS’. The lack of distinction in between both is keeping back the acceptance and acknowledgment in the public viewpoint of truth recovery homes of ayahuasca as well as other psychedelics regardless of the multiple scientific records confirming their benefits. It is time to change the present paradigm.

Too typically we have visitors below that need to attend our hideaways in trick. They are embarrassed and/or afraid to inform their family members or buddies for anxiety of being judged due to the preconception connected to using a ‘drug’. They state ‘ My mother/husband/wife/ brother/employer would certainly never comprehend me doing this.’ Its time we start making the distinction and also embrace these medicines privately and also publicly for the impressive recovery buildings they possess.

Ayahuasca and also various other psychedelics have clinically shown advantages throughout the spectrum of healthcare. We see proof that psychedelics could substantially alleviate the concern of death for terminally sick individuals. We see individuals locating remedy for depression, anxiety and also PTSD. We locate that cannabis could substantially aid people suffering from seizures and also Parkinson’s. The checklist goes on and also on.

So, to finally answer the questions, NO – ayahuasca is NOT a medication. It is an effective, recovery compound for those who take it with the intent of enhancing their lives.

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