One strand of DNA from one single cell has enough info to duplicate an entire organism. Undoubtedly, understanding DNA allows us to comprehend much about life and the cosmos around us. A much deeper understanding of the new science tell us that DNA beings not as a molecule, however as a wave type. Also a lot more surprisingly, this wave kind exists as a pattern within time and also area as well as is coded throughout the entire universe.


We are surrounded by pulsating waves of unnoticeable genetic details, whose waves produce tiny gravitational pressures that draw in atoms and also particles from their surrounding environment to build DNA.

One scientist that captured these microgravitational forces in their activity is Dr. Sergey Leikin. In 2008, Leikin placed different sorts of DNA in normal seawater as well as marked each type with a different fluorescent shade and also the DNA molecules were then scattered throughout the water. In the experiment’s major surprise, matching DNA particles were discovered pairing with each other. After a brief time, entire collections of the exact same tinted DNA molecules had actually formed. Leikin believes some sort of electro-magnetic charge enabled the very same tinted molecules to cluster. Other experiments show that this is not the case. That it is more than likely to be gravity. Let us explain.

In 2011, Nobel Reward winner Dr. Luc Montagnier showed that DNA can be automatically developed out of merely hydrogen as well as oxygen. He began with a hermetically secured tube of pure sanitized water and after that placed another sealed tube beside it, which had little quantities of DNA drifting in water. Montagnier after that amazed both tubes with a weak, 7 hertz electromagnetic field and waited. 18 hours later on, little items of DNA had expanded in the original tube, which was composed of only pure sanitized water.

This new scientific research informs us that the cosmos is regularly conspiring to make organic life, whenever and also anywhere it can. In any kind of provided area of the universe, these hidden microgravitational waves will certainly start gathering atoms and also molecules with each other to develop DNA, as well as thus, life.

Another extraordinary exploration was made when Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp captured DNA in the act of drawing in photons (tiny packets of energy that make up noticeable light). The brand-new scientific research reveals that photons are vital to the standard health as well as feature of DNA and are evidently used to send out as well as get details throughout the body. He located that each DNA molecule shops up to 1,000 photons within itself, comparable to that of a tiny fiber-optic cord. The photons shoot back as well as forth at the rate of light inside the molecule as well as are stored until they need to be used.


In 1984, Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that when a DNA molecule was placed inside a little quartz container, it naturally soaked up every photon in the space. A spectacular analogy of this would certainly be that of a solitary individual standing in a huge sports stadium and having every photon in the arena somehow bending directly to that individual, leaving that individual’s body actually beautiful with light, while the remainder of the stadium goes totally dark.

In standard science, the only pressure that could bend light is gravity and it is done only around a great void. Hence, it shows up DNA is generating a microgravitational result that draws in as well as catches light. Recalling to the initial experiment pointed out in this post by Dr. Leikin, we see that it is indeed most likely not an electrical cost that required or enabled the very same DNA particles to attract to one various other, but is likely as a result of gravity, as electrical costs have actually never been able to bend light as it moves via space.

The most extraordinary part of Dr. Gariaev’s experiment came when he thought it was over. He had actually drawn out the DNA from the quartz container and looked back into the container only to find that photons were still spiraling in the exact very same area where the DNA had actually been. Apparently, some kind of gravitational influence was holding photons right where the DNA had actually been. This later came to be called the ‘DNA phantom effect. Hence, DNA is producing an energetic force that takes in photons as well as draws them right into the molecule, but the DNA itself isn’t really even needed. It is some undetectable force, or some wave, that draws in and also holds the light (photons) there all on its own.

Dr. Gariaev located that he can ‘blow up’ the phantom with supercold fluid nitrogen gas and the photons would certainly all get away from the pressure area. Within 5 to 8 minutes though, brand-new photons would be caught as well as the whole phantom would re-emerge. He could keep doing this as high as he wanted, but brand-new photons would certainly maintain appearing. It was just after doing this for 30 days directly that the photons lastly did not reappear.

Certainly, this last experiment was done over 30 years ago, and yet, the value of it has yet to be genuinely felt. The very first 2 experiments are still fairly young and also have likewise yet to be fully appreciated. Plainly though, our view of the world and also life itself is changing as these concepts are comprehended by more people each day.

Much of the details in this write-up came from The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Knowledge Guiding The Universe as well as You, by New York Times Best Selling author David Wilcock