The last couple of weeks of 2016 has brought with it some significant and also substantial occasions that the political as well as banking elite are clambering to attempt as well as reverse the changes that have actually been happening. To obtain captured up, have a look at Component 1 and also Component 2 as well.

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21. December 10th, 2016: U.S. House Rep from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard introduces a bill that intends to stop the United States federal government from funding and also helping terrorist groups like ISIL and al-Qaeda. Thought it obtained some mainstream media focus, this topic is one that must be talked about everyday on the information as she just called out the United States federal government as a country financing ISIL. She asks, ” If you or I gave loan, tools or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would certainly be thrown in prison. Why does our gov obtain a free pass on this?” Will something big resulted this? We’ll see.

22. December 11th, 2016: Scientists in the UK show that solar power is currently able to generate more power compared to fossil fuels, many thanks to a site research. Regulating financing, national politics as well as society with nonrenewable fuel sources is coming to an end and will certainly accelerate in its death even quicker now.

23. December 27th, 2016: Turkey’s Head of state Recep Erdogan claims that the United States is assisting ISIL as well as that Turkey has proof in the type of pictures and video clips. The evidence has yet to be launched, yet would be an invited pleasure by the majority of the international area, if real. His total message corroborates with that said of Tulsi Gabbard’s message: The UNITED STATE is moneying ISIL. Will more people start to speak up as well as voice the very same message?

24. December 28th, 2016: Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu is currently under criminal investigation for at least 2 different cases. Israeli authorities are checking out cases of bribery and exacerbated fraudulence. Many individuals have long thought Netanyahu as participating in unlawful tasks and being to the top of the Cabal’s pyramid. Will certainly the examinations cause anything major?

25. December 30th, 2016: The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte proceeds speaking his mind freely and also calling out major individuals and also organizations while he goes to it. This time around, he has actually called out the Vatican for pedophilia as well as gold hoarding. When discussing the concern of hell that the Vatican gives, Duterte claimed: ” Do not believe it. That is just what that religion is everything about, they are instilling fear that you will certainly go to hell if you are a sinner. You will only understand if there is undoubtedly a hell if you die … Be careful regarding faith, it is concerning gold. It has to do with gold. They have refrained from doing anything. Where is their God and also their poise? There is the pretension of it all.” 

He after that went for it and also made a vibrant insurance claim: ” Catholicism is a sleazy faith. It is regarding time to show you its background. Pope Leo was sired or even made love with his youngster.”

With so much focus these days around pedophilia (keep in mind, it is a well established reality that the Vatican has paid out of $4 billion to sexual assault cases in the previous 50 years), it readies to see a major globe leader call out another significant organization (the Vatican) of what they have actually done. Duterte additionally calling for the real history of the Vatican to be disclosed is an additional vibrant relocation. Maintain your eyes on Rodrigo Duterte. He has obtained a credibility really rapidly for talking inconvenient truths.

26. December 30th, 2016: The Bilderberg Club’s website is taken down by Anonymous and also HackBack Activity as well as is provided a 1 year final notice to begin functioning for the benefit of mankind or the hackers will start targeting the group’s finances and also other assets. Their message was basic, yet solid:

” Mind the current scenario: We regulate your costly linked autos, we manage your linked house protection devices, we regulate your little girl’s laptop computer, we control your wife’s mobile. We tape your assignations, we read your emails, we regulate your preferred escort woman’s smartwatch, we are inside your precious financial institutions and we read your properties. You won’t be secure anywhere near electrical energy any longer.”

27. December 30th, 2016: Russia remains to beat and also defeat the United States in numerous pertains to. After awkward loss in Aleppo, Syria, the United States amped up it’s publicity unsupported claims and also dismissed over 30 Russian mediator, sending them back to Russia from the United States Instead of retaliating by rejecting the exact same number of U.S. mediators, Putin claimed he would not sink to such a minor level as well as chose not to dismiss any kind of diplomats. Putin then invited the children of the UNITED STATE diplomats over to Russia to join their households for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Diplomacy and also integrity will remain to win the fights. Times are changing.

2016 has actually been fairly a flight for most individuals. For the elite, we have actually seen tangible outcomes that their prepare for a world government are failing. The individuals are not complying as the mass awakening proceeds. May 2017 be the year that our world is established really totally free.