The 5 components– earth, water, fire, air, as well as ether– are fundamental to understanding how yoga exercise impacts our life as well as our health. An asana technique concentrating on “earth” need not always be strenuous but can “ground” us in stiring up to what brings us right into stability, nutrients, connection, perseverance, and also sustenance.

Of the 5 components, planet is the most “gross” or “material.’ It is the aspect we tend to be the most acquainted with, as it exists in everything that has kind or “issue.’

Here is an easy-to-follow circulation designed to assist you concentrate on the advantages of an earth aspect office while still embracing all elements of life– also the ungrounded components. Remain tuned for even more essential yoga programs in the coming weeks.


Stand on top of your floor covering (if you’re using one) with your hands with each other and thumbs touching your eyebrow. Bow the head somewhat, providing an objective to practice in a way that comes up with what “matters” in your life right into “matter,’ or develop, in your life. Set the intention to ground as well as origin into what is most vital as well as maintaining in your life. Breathe out to secure this intention.

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Raise your arms, rooting down via your feet as well as arcing back somewhat, supplying your intent to the sky, and also inhaling to open yourself to whatever enters fulfillment though your technique as well as with this day.

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Exhale and reduced on your own to a forward fold, and afterwards breathe in as well as look out over the perspective. Once again, bring “just what matters” into your mind as a method which to focus on making reveal what you desire in all the forms of your life: your body, your house, your individual life, and your work life.

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Step your ideal foot back right into a lunge while maintaining your hips in contract as well as your reduced tummy carefully raised. As you send your tailbone downward, reach your arms toward the earth, heart space open as well as eyes and throat lifted to the sky. Take a charitable inhale.

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Step your left foot back to just what is classically called Parvatasana. This is a lot like a downward-facing canine, however the range between hands as well as feet is a little shorter, allowing you to stay below for a lot longer, symbolizing the characteristics of a mountain: stable, steady, as well as individual. Remain here for 5 lengthy breaths, concentrating your interest on the exhale as you root equally down via your feet and hands on the earth.


Slowly permit the body to hover ahead and release the body to the planet, and also after that increase the upper body upwards into cobra position. Joints stay tight to the side and low stomach lifts as you root down through your reduced body to the earth as well as elevate your cobra “hood” exterior towards the perspective. Breathe in deeply below. Return to timeless mountain posture as well as equestrian posture with the appropriate foot tipping forward.

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Step your left foot as much as join your right as well as change your weight back as you lower down to your tippy toes, upper legs alongside the earth and top body placed as it would in an upright standing position. Take 1 complete breath here.

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Rise to standing with spinal column remaining upright, inhaling and also rising into rooted raised arm pose. Complete the series with an exhale, with hands at heart. Origin down with your feet, really feeling the stability of the earth underneath you.

Take a few moments here to ground yourself and your intent on you breath. Make use of the exhale to once again secure your purpose and also keep an eye out over the horizon. Take a breath deeply with a willful focus after your exhale, grounding down through your base and also allowing the objective of this powerful, focused circulation to settle right into your bones.